Ailerons having self-deforming reversible profiles. Dumortier Paul, March 27, 1987: FR2587675-A1 (9 worldwide citation)

The ailerons, moving in fluids (water, air) and receiving the thrust of these fluids sometimes on one face and sometimes on the other, have to be able to form a concave-convex profile which is self-deformably reversible. They are constituted by: - a non-deformable solid construction 1 forming the fr ...

Protective covering made of fibre-reinforced elastomer, for hulls and underwater hulls of ships, as well as for maritime structures. Dumortier Paul, June 24, 1988: FR2608549-A1 (3 worldwide citation)

Device for rendering watertight the hulls of ships, barges and any structures which are submerged or floating in sea, river or lake water. The invention relates to an impervious, solid and flexible covering consisting of an elastomer reinforced with textile fibres, adhering to the support onto which ...

Fins with asymmetric profile and variable length. Dumortier Paul, August 5, 1988: FR2610283-A1

The invention relates to a movable device which, by rotating about a longitudinal axis 6 with respect to the hull of the boat 7 may assume two positions: 1) at rest, an equilibrium position with a small draught; 2) in action, a position, obtained by the thrust of the water or by the action of a cabl ...


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