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A process for preparing amide acetals represented in Formula I comprising dehydrating a reactant mixture comprising reactants selected from a group consisting of N-acyl dialkanol amines, O-acyl dialkanol amines and mixtures thereof wherein n and m are independently 2 or 3; p is 1, 2 or 3; R1 and R2 ...

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Substituted benzimidazoles such as ##STR1## and pharmaceutically suitable salts thereof are useful as angiotensin II blockers. These compounds have activity in treating hypertension and congestive heart failure.

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A computer neural network process measurement and control system and method uses real-time output data from a neural network to replace a sensor or laboratory input to a controller. The neural network can use readily available, inexpensive and reliable measurements from sensors as inputs, and produc ...

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An integral structure is provided for chemical processing and manufacture, in which a plurality of laminae are joined together and having inlet and outlet ports connected by a three dimensionally tortuous channel. Chemicals are introduced through the inlet ports and processed along the channel, with ...

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Fibers and films of extremely high strength, i.e. at least about 18 gpd. consist essentially of certain polyamides. These products have filament and film elongations of at least 3.5% and possess a novel crystalline structure with crystalline regions having a primary apparent crystallite size of less ...

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Hydroxyacetic acid condensation product is used as a fluid loss material in a formation fracturing process in which a fracturing fluid comprising a hydrolyzable aqueous gel is used. The hydroxyacetic acid condensation product degrades at formation conditions to provide hydroxyacetic acid which break ...

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Thermoplastics with high resilience (high coefficient of restitution) and softness (low Atti compressions) and their use in golf ball components. Melt-processible, highly-neutralized ethylene acid copolymers and process for making them by incorporating an aliphatic, mono-functional organic acid in t ...

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The present invention is generally directed to electroluminescent Ir(III) compounds, the substituted 2-phenylpyridines, phenylpyrimidines, and phenylquinolines that are used to make the Ir(III) compounds, and devices that are made with the Ir(III) compounds.

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A process is described which uses a "cold" gas shock to accelerate microprojectiles wherein particles are presented to the gas shock on a planar surface perpendicular to the plane of expansion of the gas shock wave. Several different apparatus capable of accomplishing this method are described.