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A ceramic catalyst carrier has a honeycombed structure which comprises a plurality of elongated parallel preferably square channels and thin, porous walls. The thickness of the walls is between 0.4 mm and 1.2 mm. The open cross-sectional area of the channels is greater than 80% of the total cross-se ...

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The invention relates to a material which is refractory, porous, resistant to fluorine-containing gases, stable in its volume and heat-insulation, particularly in the form of formed bricks, for a refractory, heat-insulating lining in electrolytic cells, in which metal aluminum is extracted by electr ...

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A supported catalyst suitable for nitrogen oxide reduction has an active catalyst coating containing metal oxides, which has been produced by a sol-gel process, on a solid porous supporting body.

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An oven door assembly of a shield-type construction for vented oven doors is achieved by ceramic barrier plates which can be produced in an extrusion process and which are mounted to supports, preferably in the form of cantilever beams fixed with one end to the oven door body and bearing clamps at t ...

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Silica brick with a quartz grain structure that can be detected in the matrix and is converted to cristobalite and/or tridymite, where the quartz grain structures are surrounded by a thin layer of tridymite formed from a silica gel and/or silica sol and consisting of fine tridymite crystals matted t ...

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The heating flues in an oven are equipped with refractory components to control the feed and mixture of combustion air and gas into each heating flue. In one embodiment, the refractory component forms a plurality of passageways through which air and gas flow into mixture. Initially, the gas is mixed ...


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(EN) The invention relates to a method for calcining and baking shaped carbon bodies, in particular carbon or graphite electrodes in annular furnaces. The method for baking or calcining shaped carbon bodies that are covered with packing coke takes place in an annular furnace at temperatures of over ...

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(EN) According to the invention, the heating chambers in coke ovens are provided with baffles which direct the flame optimally and ensure optimal heat transfer over the height of the flues.(DE) Nach der Erfindung werden die Beheizungsräume in Koksöfen mit Einbauten versehen, um die Flammenführung un ...

Becker Wolfgang, Brunk Fred: Refractory material for electrolytic vessel, manufacture of this refractory material and electrolytic vat using this refractory material. Dr C Otto Feuerfest, March 29, 1994: JP1994-088278

PURPOSE: To give the excellent to corrosion resistance against fluorine-containing gas by composing the material of a shaped brick of Al2O3 and TiO2 and constituting it with a fired material forming acicular TiO2 crystal. CONSTITUTION: The brick is formed and hardened after combining >50 wt.% Al2O3 ...