Chris Christenson
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The present invention provides a unitary run flat tire (RFT) reinforcement using filament material that is formed into a relatively rigid shape. The reinforcement is insertable into a mold for an RFT support and can maintain the needed structural rigidity for such insertion. Further, the invention p ...

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Substantially linear olefin polymers having a melt flow ratio, I.sub.10 /I.sub.2, .gtoreq.5.63, a molecular weight distribution, M.sub.w /M.sub.n, defined by the equation: M.sub.w /M.sub.n .ltoreq.(I.sub.10 /I.sub.2)-4.63, and a critical shear stress at onset of gross melt fracture of greater than a ...

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Elastic substantially linear olefin polymers are disclosed which have very good processability, including processing indices (PI's) less than or equal to 70 percent of those of a comparative linear olefin polymer and a critical shear rate at onset of surface melt fracture of at least 50 percent grea ...

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Metal coordination complexes comprising a metal of Group 3 (except Sc), 4-10 or the lanthanide series and a delocalized PI -bonded moiety have said moiety substituted with a constrain-inducing moiety which reduces the angle at the metal between the centroid of said PI -bonded moiety and at least one ...

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A monocyclopentadienyl or substituted monocyclopentadienyl metal complex containing compound useful as a polymerization catalyst corresponding to the formula:

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Thermoplastic microspheres are prepared which encapsulate a liquid blowing agent. Heating of the microspheres causes expansion. The microspheres are useful for coatings, moldings, plastic smoke, etc. Urnlike hollow microspheres are also shown. The expandable microspheres are prepared by a suspension ...

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Highly reflective colored plastic film is prepared from transparent plastics having no pigment or inorganic material by forming the film from a number of layers of different thermoplastic materials which differ in refractive index and the layer thicknesses are from about 0.05 micron to about one mic ...

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Addition polymerization catalysts having a limiting charge separated structure corresponding to the formula: LMX XA, wherein: L is a derivative of a substituted delocalized PI -bonded group imparting a constrained geometry to the metal active site and containing up to 50 nonhydrogen atoms; M is a me ...

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Viscous aqueous solutions are prepared which maintain a certain viscosity range over a predetermined period of time (i.e., induction period) and which thereafter break, i.e., decrease in viscosity over a very short period of time. The viscous aqueous solution comprises a polysaccharide having an abi ...

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Discrete, spheroidal microgels of a water-swollen or water-swellable, cross-linked polymer such as cross-linked polyacrylamide are particularly useful as thickening agents for aqueous dispersions to be subjected to high shear and as agents for reducing the permeability of porous structures.