Donald Wadia Moses, Daozheng Lu: Simultaneous transmission of ancillary and audio signals by means of perceptual coding. Donald W Moses, Nielsen Media Research, Haynes & Boone L, March 7, 2000: US06035177 (212 worldwide citation)

A communication system for simultaneously transmitting ancillary codes and audio signals via a conventional audio communications channel using perceptual coding techniques is disclosed. An encoder monitors an audio channel to detect "opportunities" to insert an ancillary code such that the inserted ...

Charles H Hustig, Donald W Moses: Frequency diversity digital wireless system. Donald W Moses, Haynes and Boone, September 7, 2004: US06788751 (2 worldwide citation)

A frequency diversity digital wireless transmission system and method according to which a number of relatively narrow bands are established, each using multiple averaging interpolators. The serial data bits are divided by a predetermined pattern among the frequency bands providing frequency diversi ...

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