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A liquid dispenser has relatively rotatable closure, sleeve and plunger members, the latter two being locked against reciprocation of the plunger member by a misalignment between ribs and grooves therebetween. One of the grooves has a pair of upstanding pegs on opposite sides so as to not only avoid ...

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A dispensing pump having upper and lower pistons defining opposite ends of a two diameter pump chamber, the volume of which is varied by movement together of the pistons, while a small amount of relative movement of the pistons, resulting from pressure changes within the pump chamber, effects openin ...

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A dispensing pump for application to a product container includes an elongated housing having a recess in a sidewall thereof and a flexible bulbous diaphragm seated over the recess for a trigger-type actuation as the housing is gripped in the manner of a handle. A variable volume pump chamber is def ...

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A fluid dispenser includes an actuator containing fluid passages defining a discharge path for fluid from a supply container to a discharge orifice, a needle valve lying adjacent the discharge path, a nipple surrounding the needle valve and a nozzle cap having an end wall containing a discharge orif ...

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A safety cap of resilient plastic material having a depending skirt within which is formed an annular rib having an anchor portion and a radially inwardly projecting locking lug diametrically opposed to such anchor portion, the rib and the locking portion being of substantial radial extent for posit ...

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An improved blank for a scoop-type carton with a layout and method for the cutting of quickly erected scoop-type cartons with a maximum of nested common edges and the remaining edges at a distance exceeding the widths of two cutting knife blades. This is partially obtained by increased use of common ...

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In a liquid dispensing pump of the deformable diaphragm type, the diaphragm includes an encircling marginal flange which is clamped between the pump housing members to function as a sealing gasket, with integral portions of the flange extending across the inlet and discharge passages leading to and ...

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A tray of molded pulp or like material for carryout food and beverage comprising one or more pockets for receiving and firmly supporting any one of several different size beverage containers normally used in the carry-out food trade, each of the pockets having a circular floor portion, a web portion ...

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A liquid dispensing pump for a portable container in which the pump piston is disposed for lost motion in the pump cylinder between the plunger rod and a discharge valve carried by a stem affixed to the plunger rod and extending through the piston. The piston has upwardly and downwardly presented el ...

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A foldable carrier for articles such as bottles, glasses, and the like comprising a horizontal base, a partition, article retaining sections, a carrying handle, and optional locking tabs, and a blank for forming said carrier.