David John DiGiovanni, Yoshihiro Emori, Michael Fishteyn, Clifford Headley: Optical fiber configuration for dissipating stray light. DFS Fitel, July 20, 2010: US07760978 (130 worldwide citation)

An optical transmission fiber is formed to include a relatively low-index, relatively thin outer cladding layer disposed underneath the protective polymer outer coating. Stray light propagating along an inner cladding layer(s) within the fiber will be refracted into the thin outer cladding (by prope ...

Mikhail Sumetsky: Low loss optical delay line using a microfiber coil. DFS Fitel, Wendy W Koba, October 11, 2011: US08036503 (1 worldwide citation)

An optical delay line is formed from a coil of optical fiber (in many cases microfiber), where the radius of the optical fiber is greater than the wavelength λ of the propagating signal and the radius R of the coil is selected, in consideration with the optical fiber radius, to limit propagation los ...

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