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A locking plate apparatus for engagement with a bone is provided in accordance with the present invention. Locking plate apparatus includes a plate that has a body portion and an internal wall defining a plate hole through body portion and a bushing with a passageway therethrough. Bushing is sized f ...

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An assembly such as an anchor screw, bone plate, offset hook, post, transverse connector or other spinal anchor for anchoring to bone and clamping a linkage such as a rod, wire cable or the like. The assembly has a top member with an open slot to receive the linkage, and a twist-lock closure cap to ...

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A tool for installing an object, such as an artificial disk prosthesis, between adjacent vertebrae includes a pair of opposed levers separated by a fulcrum. Blade tips are disposed at the distal end of the levers. A pusher block is disposed distally of the fulcrum, and upon actuation by forward move ...

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An installation tool that is useful for the efficient and effective placement of an article, such as an artificial disc, between adjacent vertebral bodies is provided. The installation tool can be provided as a kit having modular components which allow the surgeon to select from among a variety of c ...

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A spacer-insertion instrument for delivering a spacer to a spine is disclosed. The instrument includes a handle portion and a guide coupled to the handle portion. The instrument further includes a shaft coupled to the handle portion and extending along the guide. The instrument further includes a ti ...

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A device for therapeutically treating bone comprises a housing (11) having a base portion (13) having a distal face (17), and a first passage (19) opening upon the distal face (17) and forming a longitudinal axis, a probe (41) adapted to advance through the first passage (19) along the longitudinal ...

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A spinal fixation assembly includes a fusion cage to which a plate is mated. The plate is configured to receive, retain and orient bone screws.

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Surgical prosthetic modular devices used singularly or stacked together are provided for use to replace excised vertebral tissue. The devices are rigid plugs, dimensionally similar to normal vertebral bodies, and have ridged faces to engage adjacent vertebral bodies or to interdigitate when stacked. ...

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An installation tool is provided for the efficient and effective placement of an implant between adjacent bone structures, preferably adjacent vertebral bodies, and for the subsequent removal of the device without displacement of the implant. The installation tool generally includes a pair of oppose ...

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An orthopaedic method and anchor assemblies for anchoring a linkage such as a rod or cable used for fixation or reduction. One assembly includes an anchor plate and a slotted anchor bolt that captures the plate in a one-piece assembly for convenient installation. The base of the anchor bolt lies bel ...