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A dilator retractor and the dilators that are used for minimally invasive spinal surgery or other surgery are configured to accommodate the anatomical structure of the patient as by configuring the cross sectional area in an elliptical shape, or by forming a funnel configuration with the wider end a ...


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A bio-absorbable cartilage repair system is provided for regenerating damaged or destroyed articular cartilage on a joint surface of a bone by establishing a chondrogenic growth-supporting matrix between an area of damaged or destroyed articular cartilage that has been removed and an adjacent health ...

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This invention relates to a mixing and delivery device suitable for delivering injectable biomaterials, and to preferred bone cement formulations.


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An assembly such as an anchor screw, bone plate, offset hook, post, transverse connector or other spinal anchor for anchoring to bone and clamping a linkage such as a rod, wire cable or the like. The assembly has a top member (33,53,153) with an open slot (34) to receive the linkage, and a twist-loc ...

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A method of making an acetabular prosthesis includes acquiring a first set of data defining in three dimensions at least a portion of a bone of a patient. A second set of data is computed based upon the first set of data. The prosthesis is manufactured to include an acetabular cup and an attachment ...

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A device for repairing a soft tissue defect, particularly a defect in the meniscus of a knee, comprises an outer wall anchor for engaging against an outside wall of the meniscus on a first side of the defect, and an inner meniscal anchor engaging an inner surface of the meniscus on a second side of ...

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A bone drill guide having at least a first arm slidable within a bore of the body of the drill guide and a ratchet mechanism for locking the first arm and the first bore. The ratchet mechanism includes teeth on the first arm and a pawl biased along a first axis and having a continuous engagement edg ...