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An articulating motion disc having a core member that expands laterally in response to an axial load to mimic the shock absorbing function of a natural intervertebral disc.

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A suture anchor system includes a suture anchor, having a flexible suture eyelet attached thereto, which serves as a flexible interface for a suture strand. The suture anchor is preferably bioabsorbable, and it has a flared feature on one side of the second or proximal end thereof. The flared featur ...

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An apparatus for retaining first and second cervical vertebrae of a spinal column in a desired spatial relationship includes a pair of longitudinal members positionable along the spinal column. A first plate connectable to the first vertebra has an inner side surface for engaging an anterior surface ...

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To avoid traditional muscle dissection required in the placement of a screw for a pedicle screw fixation, a retractor is provided having a guide of an appropriate length to provide access from the skin surface to the dorsal aspect of the vertebra over the pedicle. The retractor has a handle to provi ...

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A modular implant that is effective to replace a damaged or degenerated spinal disc is provided. The implant includes a central core member having superior and inferior surfaces, a superior endplate member having a bone-contacting surface and a mating surface effective to mate with the superior surf ...

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An assembly such as an anchor screw, bone plate, offset hook, post, transverse connector or other spinal anchor for anchoring to bone and clamping a linkage such as a rod, wire cable or the like. The assembly has a top member with an open slot to receive the linkage, and a twist-lock closure cap to ...

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A bone saw tool includes a bone saw and a bone saw blade assembly. The bone saw blade assembly includes a bone saw blade and a bone saw blade guard. The bone saw blade guard is movable to an extended position to reduce the cutting effectiveness of the bone saw blade and/or the maximum cutting depth ...

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A pin is provided for securing a replacement ligament inside a tunnel of a receptor bone. The pin includes a body portion having a threaded section for engaging the receptor bone to anchor the pin in the receptor bone. The body portion also includes a tapered shank located adjacent the threaded port ...

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A connective tissue scaffold including opposed first and second anchoring segments formed from a plurality of bioresorbable polymeric fibers oriented in a direction substantially parallel to a longitudinal axis of the scaffold and a plurality of bioresorbable polymeric fibers oriented in a direction ...