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The present invention generally provides a polyaxial fixation device having a shank with a spherical head formed on a proximal end thereof, and a receiver member having an axial passage formed therein that is adapted to polyaxially seat the spherical head of the shank. The polyaxial bone screw furth ...

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This invention relates to an intervertebral motion disc having an articulation interface and a locking interface.


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A surgical assembly for resecting a greater tubercle from a humerus of a patient during performance of a shoulder replacement procedure. The surgical assembly includes a cutting tool for resecting the greater tubercle from the humerus. The surgical assembly also includes a tool guide member having a ...

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The present invention relates to a screw comprising a screw body including a tip portion having a front face, an end portion having a rear face and being positioned to lie in spaced-apart relation to the tip portion, a threaded portion having a rounded thread extending between the tip portion and th ...

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A knee prosthesis and method for use are provided, in which the knee prosthesis provides anterior and posterior stability and controlled femoral roll-back, while also providing rotational kinematics. The femoral component has a pair of convexly shaped condyles which are spaced apart to form an inter ...

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A spinal disc prosthesis to replace a damaged spinal disc in a spinal column of a human includes an upper rigid plate having an outer perimeter and a lower rigid plate having an outer perimeter. A body of elastomeric material located between and bonded to the upper and lower rigid plates includes a ...

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Disclosed is an orthopedic implant suitable for arthroplasty procedures. The orthopedic implant includes a first plate, a second plate, an axial support between the first plate and the second plate and one or more torsional supports connecting the first plate and the second plate. The axial support ...

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A modular shoulder prosthesis for the replacement of a portion of the humerus is provided. The prosthesis is assembled from a kit that includes a stem sized to be received in the humerus, a body sized to replace a portion of the humerus, the body being attachable to the stem, and a head member sized ...

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An improved prosthetic implant for forming a rigid structure between adjoining vertebrae in a spinal column. The prosthetic implant includes a cage having a top, bottom, front end, back end, first side and second side walls. The first side wall has an arcuate surface. The top and bottom wall include ...