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Method and apparatus for automatically adjusting the brightness level of an LCD based on the ambient lighting conditions of the environment in which the LCD is being operated are disclosed. In a preferred embodiment, a photodetector located proximate the front of the LCD generates to brightness cont ...

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A mouse computer input peripheral device includes a window area integrally constructed within the mouse and positioned at an area on the mouse upon which a user normally places a finger in operating the mouse. The mouse further includes an illuminating device and a light sensitive detection device f ...

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Apparatus and method for implementing a local proactive hot plug request/acknowledge scheme is disclosed. In a preferred embodiment, each hot pluggable device installable on a computer bus, such as a SCSI bus, is provided with a physical user interface comprising a mechanical request initiator, such ...

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A two-computer system and method wherein data is transferred between the computers as complete disk images rather than as files. The transfer is made between the parallel ports of the two computers, for greater speed; amd RLL data compression is used to increase the effective rate of data transfer.

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A configuration system including a processor having memory for storing operating parameters and configuration logic for retrieving the operating parameters and configuring a computer system to achieve a desired performance level. The configuration logic preferably includes programmable regulators, s ...

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A computer system having power management control features which include states of normal clock speed operation, slow clock speed operation, and stop-clock operation based on input/output activity, system bus activity, and program parameters. The system detects inactivity over a period of time and p ...

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A computer and a system and method of cooling the interior of the computer wherein at least two fans are disposed in the interior of the computer and are operated simultaneously. At least one horizontally extending louver is provided on each fan so that, if one of the fans fails, the flow of air thr ...

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System for implementing a perspective windowing technique for a computer GUI is disclosed. The perspective windowing system of the present invention displays each of a plurality of open but inactive, or "background," windows, with perspective depth with respect to one or more focal points, resulting ...