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Measurement of density and mass flow of disperse systems with a gas as fluid phase flowing through a pipe is carried out by introducing sound in the frequency range 20-2,000 Hz in the middle of the cross-section of the pipe. The sound has a wavelength which is at least half the pipe diameter. The sp ...

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A powdered catalyst material based on aluminum oxide, which contains at least one basic metal oxide and at least one noble metal from the platinum group of the Periodic Table of Elements in addition to aluminum oxide. The catalyst material is obtainable by loading a support material already stabiliz ...

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The phytotoxic action of too high a concentration of peroxygen compounds such as peroxycarboxylic acids and hydrogen peroxide in the combating of phytopathogenic microorganisms, such as fusaria, in the water systems of plant irrigation systems, especially greenhouses, can be eliminated. The water is ...

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A bubble column can be operated using countercurrent flow including perforated trays. The space-time yield of gas-liquid reactions can be considerably increased if the perforated trays have a substantially uniform distribution of holes, if the cross-sectional area of the individual holes is 0.003 to ...

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An electrolysis cell for carrying out chemical reactions include an electrolyte chamber (