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A method for preparation of alcohols by catalytic hydrogenation of carbonyl compounds with hydrogen or hydrogen-containing gases in the presence of a hydrogenation catalyst of Raney type, where the catalyst is used in the form of hollow bodies, Preferred as catalytically active components are nickel ...

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The solidification of hydraulic cement mixtures can be accelerated by addition of crystalline zeolites. Preferably, there are employed zeolites of Types A, X, and P.

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An open-cell, monolithic catalyst for the purification of diesel-engine exhaust gas with a coating of finely divided inorganic oxides containing vanadium and platinum group metal as active components. The active components of the oxidic coating are added as water-soluble precursors which are then co ...


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A method of laser marking substrates such as glass, ceramic, metal and plastic is disclosed. A marking material is applied to the surface of the substrate, followed by irradiation of a portion of the marking material to form a permanent marking on the substrate. The non-irradiated portion of the mar ...

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1. Process for the preparation of stabilised, substituted diperoxysuccinic acids by reacting an anhydride of the formula see diagramm : EP0179223,P3,F1 in which R denotes a linear or branched alkyl radical having 4 to 20 C atoms or aryl, with an oxidation mixture consisting of hydrogen peroxide, wat ...

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Measurement of density and mass flow of disperse systems with a gas as fluid phase flowing through a pipe is carried out by introducing sound in the frequency range 20-2,000 Hz in the middle of the cross-section of the pipe. The sound has a wavelength which is at least half the pipe diameter. The sp ...

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A catalyst process is disclosed for the reduction of the ignition temperature of Diesel soot filtered out of the exhaust gas of Diesel engines by passing the exhaust gas over a catalytically active substance, which is selected from lithium oxide, copper chloride, vanadium oxide/alkali metal oxide co ...

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A process for preparing a catalyst which has a catalytically active coating of high surface area finely divided materials and catalytically active components on an inert carrier structure. A powder mixture of the finely divided materials used is impregnated with a solution of precursor compounds of ...