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Inrush currents in the dc intermediate circuit of a motor controller necessitate the incorporation of protection circuits. These circuits usually take the form of a resistor inserted in series with the intermediate circuit, and the resistor is short-circuited after completion of inrush by a switch p ...

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The invention is directed to controlling an electric motor by means of a frequency converter. The frequency converter can be connected to one of several different mains voltages. According to the present invention, the maximum output power of the frequency converter, is limited when the actual mains ...


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In a known method for regulating a delivery variable of a pump, which is driven by an electric motor operated with alternating current of variable frequency, especially via a converter, the input power of the motor is measured as the actual value for the delivery variable and is regulated by compari ...

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The invention concerns an electric motor with a stator, in whose bore a rotor is arranged, and with a control arrangement having at least one coil with a core passed by the motor current. The coil shall be arranged in a space saving manner without interfering too much with the magnetic field of the ...


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A cooling apparatus for power semiconductors, which apparatus is essentially box-shaped, has two extruded cooling sections (

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The invention relates to an RFI filter used for avoidance of mains retro-action in the form of radio noise. RFI filters are connected to frequency converters in order to reduce radio noise transmitted via conductors. These filters comprise large noise-decoupling capacitors which are connected to ear ...

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A method for monitoring a rotational angle sensor on an electrical machine. It is desired to provide a method that enables fault detection at both high speeds and low speeds of the rotor. The electrical power of the machine is measured and a power value is estimated using the output signal of the ro ...

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A cover and a method of making a cover for a push button switch. A frame and a key for switching the push button switch are moulded directly onto a flexible layer forming an outer surface of the cover. The flexible layer shields the key and the associated push button switch from dust and water and t ...