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An electrode refreshing arrangement of a biosensor includes a constant reverse bias voltage arranged to be supplied between a working electrode and a reference electrode, so as to thereby refresh the working electrode, that is, to remove the disturbance film or substance formed on the surface of the ...

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An enzyme electrode unit having, on the surfaces of the base electrodes thereof, an enzyme-immobilized membrane for oxidizing or reducing a target substance to be measured, and a diffusion-limiting membrane unit of a two-layer structure disposed on the surface of the enzyme-immobilized membrane, onl ...

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A disk-shaped thin plate or a long-sized thin plate having a roll appearance housed in a casing in which openings for penetration of test substance are formed and on which diffusion-limiting membranes are adhered to cover each openings. Also a driving mechanism for moving the thin plate is provided ...


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An easily cross linkable fluorine-containing polymer substantially comprising: (1) a polymeric chain comprising one or more polymer segments, of which at least one polymer segment consisting of units of vinylidene fluoride alone or of units of vinylidene fluoride and one or more of other fluoroolefi ...

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A concentration measuring apparatus includes an enzyme electrode (1) which accelerates oxidation reaction or reduction reaction of a test substance in a liquid and outputs an electrical signal corresponding to a quantity of the test substance therefrom due to the reaction. The enzyme electrode (1) i ...

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When a bias is applied between a working electrode and a counter electrode or a reference electrode, the bias is gradually increased in its absolute value according to a predetermined time constant. Thus, damage to the membrane or membranes fixed on a surface of an electrode unit is reduced.

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After a reverse bias is applied between a working electrode and a counter electrode or a reference electrode, a forward bias higher than a forward measurement bias is applied between the working electrode and the counter electrode or the reference electrode before the forward measurement bias is app ...

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A humidifier and an air conditioner using the humidifier, wherein, when the atmospheric temperature detected by an atmospheric temperature sensor (24) is higher than the room temperature detected by a room temperature sensor (22) and the atmospheric humidity is 90% or less allowing the inside of a h ...

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The present inventions provide manufacturing methods of 1,1,1,2,3-pentafluoropropene characterized by the reaction of removing HF by means of the contact of 1,1,1,2,3,3-hexafluoropropane in the gas state with active carbon or active carbon added with metallic salt. 1,1,1,2,3-pentafluoropropene can b ...