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In a liquid crystal display device comprising a pair of opposed electrode-mounted plates and a nematic liquid crystal layer, the electrode terminals are mounted on one plate by transferring the connection of one electrode to the opposite plate without directly contacting the liquid crystal material ...

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An ink composition for ink jet recording consisting essentially of a water-soluble wetting agent, water, a water-soluble dye and an oxygen absorber.

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A molding process for producing a molded plastic product with a resin coating layer formed on its surface, which comprises electrostatically coating a powdery resin composition on the inner surface of a mold, filling and molding a plastic material in the mold to form a molded plastic product, and pl ...

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Blue, green, red and yellow emitting fluorescent compositions which emit blue, green, red and yellow light of high luminance under low-velocity electron excitation occurring under acceleration potential below 1KV, particularly below 100V can be obtained by mixing a conductive material having a parti ...

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The present invention relates to a process for forming a multi-layer coating including at least two coating layers by performing the oven drying step at one time, which comprises coating at least partially the surface of the substrate with a powder coating composition, then applying a slurry paint c ...

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The present invention relates to an anticorrosion primer coating composition comprising (i) a polyvinyl butyral resin, (ii) an organo functional silane, (iii) at least one member selected from the group consisting of inorganic borate compounds and polyphosphate compounds, and (iv) phosphoric acid.

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A thermosetting synthetic polymer dispersion obtained by copolymerizing unsaturated monomers in a non-polar organic liquid or an organic liquid having a low polarity in the presence of a stabilizer formed by reacting (1) a partially blocked isocyanate containing a free isocyanate group and a blocked ...

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The present invention relates to an aqueous dispersion type thermosetting coating composition consisting essentially of a homogeneous mixture of an aqueous medium, a powder of a thermosetting resin having an acid value of 5 to 30, a carboxyl group-containing organic polymeric thickener, and an organ ...

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A method of ink jet printing by injecting ink through a fine nozzle and electrostatically deflecting the ink particles to print a symbol corresponding to a predetermined matrix, the improvement wherein said ink comprises a non-aqueous ink comprising a coloring agent and a mixture of formamide and an ...

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A method of in-mold coating, comprising steps of forming a molded product by applying a clamping pressure to a mold to mold a synthetic resin molding material in the mold according to an injection molding method, an injection compression molding method or an injection press molding method, then coat ...