Darius Mostowfi, Brian Lamb, Jackie Lai, Andrew Butler: Method and apparatus for leak detection. D2M International, Jeffrey Schox, August 14, 2012: US08242920 (3 worldwide citation)

A leak detector is disclosed. The optical leak detector may include a sensor module for transmitting and receiving signals corresponding to the surface level of a monitored fluid and include leak detection logic for detecting a leak signature. The leak detection logic may be configured to determine ...

Edward Cooper, Jeff Hayashida, Andrew Butler, David Titzler, Brian Lamb, John Johnston, Christopher Tacklind: Extendable edge reference tool. D2M International, Jeffrey Schox, September 11, 2012: US08261459

An extendable edge reference tool is disclosed. A first segment having a extending end and a receptacle end is provided. The receptacle end includes a coupling mechanism for joining a second segment using an over-center locking force to secure said second segment to said first segment. This tool pro ...

Heat Energy Storage System and Method For Hot Water Systems. D2M INTERNATIONAL, December 3, 2015: US20150345805-A1

A programmable, user-controllable heat storage system and method to provide instant hot water on demand at the desired time while avoiding the waste of energy resulting from continuous pre-heating.