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Apparatus for cleaning an object and presenting several fluids to the object for the cleaning. The apparatus has controls for sequentially and separately presenting the fluids to the object and keeping at least some of the fluids separated from each other.

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A system and process for the production of nitrogen-13 ammonium ions from a target material in the form of a dilute solution of ethanol in natural water by the reaction of protons with oxygen-16 within the target material. The system includes a device for producing a proton beam which travels along ...

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The invention relates to a assembly for administering to a patient a dose of active material, e.g. a radio active substance containing fluid and/or a contrast medium fluid for imaging purposes. The assembly comprises a container (3), having a ejection side (6) with an exit and a control side; and a ...

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A method and apparatus for extraction of high beam currents from an isochronous cyclotron which segregates that portion of the orbiting particles to be extracted at the extraction radius in the absence of any electric deflection field and then electrostatically deflects the segregated particles from ...