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According to the present invention, a locking means is provided for a filter cartridge and head unit. This locking means comprises a spring driven plunger, which preferably is supported by the head and comprises at least one detent, which preferably is disposed in the cartridge in the top wall upper ...

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A filter assembly is disclosed including a cartridge member having a body portion and a cylindrical neck portion depending from the body portion, the neck portion having at least one lug depending radially outwardly therefrom having a keyed surface formation thereon, and a reception member defining ...

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A filtering device includes a head intended to be permanently installed in a fluid dispensing machine and a disposable canister therefor. A central chamber is formed in the head which chamber is in communication with an inlet port and an outlet port for receiving an unfiltered liquid and supplying a ...

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A process for the cross-flow filtration of a liquid comprising circulating the liquid tangential to a charge modified organic polymeric microporous filter membrane. Preferably, the membrane comprises an organic polymeric microporous filter membrane which has a micro-structure throughout the membrane ...

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The invention is related to water vending systems for the automatic dispensing of purified water from a machine which is preferably activated by coin or other form of payment. Reverse osmosis filtration of local water together with other water treatment operations is used to improve the quality of t ...

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A modified silica material which comprises silica covalently bonded to a synthetic polymer, the synthetic polymer being made from (a) a polymerizable compound capable of being covalently coupled directly to said silica, and (b) one or more polymerizable compounds containing (i) an ionizable chemical ...

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A reinforced laminated filtration membrane is provided. The membrane comprises:

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The present invention sets forth an adapter for filter cartridges and a mating cartridge which provides sealing means between the cartridge and the adapter and sealing means between the adapter and a filter head to which it is to be installed, and means for installing the adapter on a cartridge and ...

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A novel elastomeric composition of matter comprises a rubber latex and a masterbatch comprising a therapeutic agent in a therapeutically effective amount, a carrier component, titanium dioxide, and clay. A process for the preparation of a novel elastomeric composition of matter containing a therapeu ...

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A process for the manufacture of porous structures comprises forming a dry mixture comprising a component providing primary separation capability, a component providing green strength reinforcement capability and, a component providing binding capability and selected from the group consisting of the ...