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An improved safety interlock for a food processor of the type including a control system for preventing actuation of a powerful motor drive, so that the food processing tool does not rotate, unless two conditions have been met; namely,

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Safety interlock method and apparatus employing magnetic effects for food processors having a base enclosing a motor drive, working bowl detachably mountable on the base for receiving various rotatable tools removably installable on drive means in the bowl, with removable cover for the bowl. Such fo ...

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An improvement in a food processor of the type having a housing enclosing a motor, a drive shaft extending from the housing, a working bowl which is detachably mountable on the housing in position to surround the shaft for receiving the various rotatable food processing tools which are removably ins ...

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A flip-over drive system for a removable oven rotisserie comprising drive means, gear train means driven by the drive means, cam means mechanically coupled to the gear train means for rotation in response to the driving of the gear train means by the drive means, escapement means position for period ...

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A salad spinner dryer attachment is provided for a food processor having a base housing containing an electrical motor drive with a deck located on top of the base housing for removably mounting a working bowl thereon in predetermined engaged fixed position and having a tool drive shaft projecting v ...

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A bowl extender-actuator-and-adapter support has larger upper and smaller lower annular channel members separated by an intermediate shelf and is adapted to be mounted on the bowl of a food processor wth the lower channel member extending down into the bowl and is terminated at its lower end in a sp ...

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