Gregory J Del Corso: Co-Cr-Mo powder metallurgy articles and process for their manufacture. CRS Holding, Dann Dorfman Herrell and Skillman, October 31, 1995: US05462575 (83 worldwide citation)

A powder metallurgy article formed from a Co--Cr--Mo alloy powder and a method for making the article are disclosed. The Co--Cr--Mo alloy powder contains, in weight percent, about 0.35% max. C, about 1.00% max. Mn, about 1.00% max. Si, about 26.0-30.0% Cr, about 5.0-7.0% Mo, about 3% max. Ni, about ...


Nanostructured Titanium Alloy and Method For Thermomechanically Processing The Same. CRS HOLDING, April 21, 2016: US20160108499-A1

A nanostructured titanium alloy article is provided. The nanostructured alloy includes a developed titanium structure having at least 80% of grains of a grain size ≦1.0 microns.