Francesco Illy, Matthias Hell: Coffee machine. Francesco Illy, Creaholic, Randy W Lacasse, Wesley L Strickland, Lacasse & Associates, November 30, 1999: US05992298 (94 worldwide citation)

The coffee machine for different coffee types requires no preheating time and consumes no energy in the standby mode. It essentially comprises a water supply chamber (1), a pump (5), a continuous flow heater (8) for heating the water and a brewing chamber (10) for receiving the coffee (10'). The con ...



Illy Francesco, Hell Matthias: Instantaneous water heater. Creaholic, Illy Francesco, April 1, 1998: EP0832400-A1 (5 worldwide citation)

The instantaneous water heater of the invention consists essentially of an elastic, flexible or rigid, floatingly fitted composite pipe (10) and a heat source (6). When the liquid is heated inside (1) the pipe, undesirable substances, e.g. chalk, can separate out from the liquid and be deposited on ...

Illy Francesco, Hell Matthias: Coffee machine. Creaholic, Illy Francesco, October 14, 1998: EP0869731-A1 (5 worldwide citation)

The invention concerns a coffee machine, suitable for different types of coffee, which requires no pre-heating time and consumes no energy when on stand-by. The machine consists essentially of a water reservoir (1), a pump (5), an instantaneous water heater (8) and an infusion chamber (10) designed ...

Christoph Dworzak: Method for determining a characteristic data record for a data signal. Creaholic, Rankin Hill & Clark, June 3, 2008: US07383184 (3 worldwide citation)

A method for determining a characteristic data set (“fingerprint”) for a sound signal, the sound signal itself is searched through for characteristic locations, and these characteristics locations are used for producing a characteristic data set. For this the frequency spectrum is evaluated over a t ...

Christoph Rusch: Fastening apparatus for surgical retaining systems. Creaholic, Rankin Hill & Clark, April 22, 2014: US08702764 (3 worldwide citation)

A fastening apparatus for surgical retaining systems includes at least one retaining element and a fastening element, which are mechanically connected to each other. A joint socket of the retaining element and a correspondingly shaped joint head of the fastening element form a ball-and-socket joint. ...

Mock Elmar, Guerry Begona, Mariotto Celio: Mechanically regulated time indicator. Creaholic, May 30, 2001: EP1103871-A1 (2 worldwide citation)

The invention concerns a timepiece with mainspring of the so-called fly tourbillon type, the tourbillon having a balance bridge (2) forming a cage with a collet (1) and a single protruding ball bearing (5) supporting said so-called fly tourbillon assembly. Said so-called fly tourbillon assembly is v ...

Mock Elmar, Aeschlimann Marcel, Rusch Christoph: Water purification device. Creaholic, June 17, 2009: EP2070874-A1 (2 worldwide citation)

A water purification device comprises an expandable water collecting device (1) having a variable volume, wherein at least part of the surface of the water collecting device comprises a filter area (2), the filter area (2) being permeable to water and allowing water to enter the water collecting dev ...

WITTEVEEN BONNY, MOCK ELMAR: [fr] Echappement pour pièce dhorlogerie mécanique, [de] Hemmung für mechanische Uhr, [en] Escapement for mechanical timepiece. CREAHOLIC, September 12, 2012: EP2498141-A2 (2 worldwide citation)

[en] The escapement has a balance (101) which vibrates in conjunction with a balance spring (102), and an escapement wheel is cooperated with anchor (103). The balance is driven by the balance spring. The balance spring is attached to the anchor which rotates about the anchor shaft (113). The anchor ...

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