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A system for sequentially processing an image in order to identify objects in the image, and extract a variety of shape features of the identified objects. The system includes an image preprocessor, a controller, an object boundary resolver and identifier and a feature extractor. The image preproces ...

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Uniform particles are produced by introducing a laminar stream of a core liquid into a laminar flowing body of an immiscible sheath liquid. The core liquid or the sheath liquid, or both liquids, can contain one or more materials dispersed (dissolved or suspended) in them from which the uniform parti ...

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System and program for measuring progressively the absorbance changes of a large number of aliquots from a plurality of different samples in a continuous processing mode. A plurality of routine samples are maintained in an ordered sequence in a sample tray which may be moved to a first sample pick u ...

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Disclosed is a flow through particle analyzing cell differentiating apparatus for optical and electronic measurements on a stream of particles in which a hydrodynamically focoussed stream is passed into and through a point focussed beam of radiated energy whereby the beam is scattered by the stream ...

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A microscopy system for automatically locating and re-locating objects-of-interest in an image which has one or more objects against a background. Each of the objects-of-interest is characterized by a predetermined set of features. In a preferred form, the invention is specifically directed to an au ...

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An automatic chemical analysis apparatus having separate closed-looped conveyors for sample and reactant containers. At a fixed location, sample portions from a given sample are transferred to a serial sequence of reactant containers. Colourimetric testing is arranged such that all of the reactant p ...

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A method and system for automatically reviewing slides having biological cells thereon which include a sequencer for developing a sequence of first control signals and a sequence of second control signals. A scanning device operates in response to the first control signals to access sequentially sli ...

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A plurality of sealed blood sample tubes are housed in a rack and a plurality of these racks are vertically stacked, with the sample tubes lying horizontally. The racks are successively deposited onto a horizontal conveyor belt which is housed in and moves longitudinally on a table that rocks around ...

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Disclosed is an electro-optical transducer for simultaneously making optical measurements and electrical volume measurements on particles suspended in a flow stream passing through an orifice positioned inside an optically clear spherical element.