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Inert or biologically active particles are propelled at cells at a speed whereby the particles penetrate the surface of the cells and become incorporated into the interior of the cells. The process can be used to mark cells or tissue or to biochemically affect tissues or tissue in situ as well as si ...

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Two network communication protocols, one for routing and one for mobility management, are presented that are particularly suited for use with ad-hoc networks. The routing protocol is a proactive-reactive hybrid routing protocol that limits the scope of the proactive procedure to the node's loca ...

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A technique for electrolessly depositing a CoWP barrier material on to copper and electrolessly depositing copper onto a CoWP barrier material to prevent copper diffusion when forming layers and/or structures on a semiconductor wafer.

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Methods of fabricating electrical contacts on both sides of a thin membrane to form a millimeter wave, self-aligned, opposed gate-source transistor are disclosed. The transistor structure has a subhalf-micron gate, dual-drains placed symmetrically around both sides of the gate, and a source approxim ...

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The present subject matter is directed to a method for treating a conscious. The method includes selecting a conscious patient having impaired cognitive function and applying electrical stimulation to at least a portion of the patient's intralaminar nuclei under conditions effective to relieve the p ...

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The present invention relates to the cloning of the gene of a thermophilic DNA ligase, from Thermus aquaticus strain HB8, and the use of this ligase in a ligase chain reaction (LCR) assay for the detection of specific sequences of nucleotides in a variety of nucleic acid samples, and more particular ...

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An instruction issuing mechanism for boosting throughput of processors with multiple functional units. A Dispatch Stack (DS) and a Precedence Count Memory (PCM) are employed which allow multiple instructions to be issued per machine cycle. Additionally, instructions do no have to be issued according ...

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A method for utilizing electroless copper deposition to form interconnects on a semiconductor. Once a via or a trench is formed in a dielectric layer, a titanium nitride (TiN) or tantalum (Ta) barrier layer is deposited. Then, a catalytic copper seed layer is conformally blanket deposited in vacuum ...

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This invention is drawn to a bovine vaginal probe capable of measuring electrical resistance in a bovine vaginal tract with sufficient accuracy to allow detection of changes in electrical resistance indicative of estrus.

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A laser scanning microscope produces molecular excitation in a target material by simultaneous absorption of two photons to thereby provide intrinsic three-dimensional resolution. Fluorophores having single photon absorption in the short (ultraviolet or visible) wavelength range are excited by a str ...