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An improved athletic shoe having an injection-molded intermediate portion bonding a fabric upper portion and a rubber outsole portion, for improved fit and comfort, and decreased injury-causing fatigue, particularly adapted for use in the playing court-type sports such as basketball is disclosed. Th ...

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The present invention pertains to a shoe sole containing a cushioning fluid filled bladder and a clip holding the bladder in a set position in the shoe sole and providing enhanced lateral and medial stability to the sole.

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A shoe of the present invention comprises a sole, a flexible bladder, and a cushioning material. The sole has a recess configured to receive the flexible bladder. The flexible bladder has interior surface portions defining at least one chamber. The chamber includes a first region and a second region ...

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A shoe is provided comprising a sole, a sock attached to the sole, and a form-retaining shell attached to the sole, at least partially enclosing the sock, and not attached to the sock above the region of the sole, such that the sole may flex in use. The shell, an ankle restraint fastener and a heelb ...

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A method and a system for translating between data transmitted according to the WAP network protocols and data transmitted according to IP protocols. The system and method enable the translation process to be performed as soon as a minimal portion of data has been received by the gateway translator. ...

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A shoe comprising a sole for supporting a foot of a wearer, and a shoe upper adjacent the sole. The sole includes an upper force-distribution plate portion, a lower force-distribution plate portion spaced below the upper plate portion, and at least one resilient shock-absorber element in contact wit ...

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A reactive energy fluid filled cushioning and stabilizing apparatus in a shoe is comprised of one or more anatomically shaped fluid filled bladders that are positioned in the forefoot, arch and/or heel areas of the shoe. The bladders assume a complementary custom fitting configuration to the contour ...

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An athletic shoe employs a pair of spring structures in such a way that an arm of a Y-shaped spring on one side of the ankle fastens under tension to a corresponding arm of a spring on the other side of the ankle. The springs are preferably of sheet material conforming to and affixed to the upper. T ...

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A shoe for casual or athletic footwear which provides support cushioning and walking comfort due to the presence of an internal dynamic rocker element disposed in a forefoot area of the midsole.

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A shoe including an outsole, an upper and a midsole. The outsole has a bottom surface with a central section. The upper has a base portion defined by a bottom peripheral edge of the upper. The upper is secured directly to the outsole around substantially the entire bottom peripheral edge. The midsol ...