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A catalytic testing device comprising a reaction block comprising a set of reaction chambers, each chamber comprising a fluid inlet and outlet connected to an outgoing fluid duct connected to analysis means, fluid feed means capable of performing regulated dosing of flows of the fluid at the require ...

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The cement comprises a belite clinker (A) and a second component (B) made up of particles of at least one ceramic material. Preferably this second component has a particle size under 100 nm, and is present in a ratio between 0.2% and 15% by weight of the belite component (A). This cement has the adv ...


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The invention relates to a material comprised of silicotitanates having a crystalline structure similar to MCM-41 zeolites, said material being characterized in that it contains in its lattice atoms of titanium and channels in its porous structure whose average sizes exceed 10 ANGSTROM making possib ...

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The invention relates to a method of producing fatty acid monoesters and polyhydroxylic alcohols by means of transesterification between a polyhydroxylic alcohol and a compound that is selected from a fat of animal origin, a fat of vegetable origin, and a fatty acid methyl ester. The invention is ch ...

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The use of extracts of internal wool-fibre lipids is described, said extracts having a content in ceramides of at least 15% by weight, in the preparation of pharmaceutical or cosmetic compositions for the treatment and care of the skin. The extracts object of the invention show excellent qualities f ...

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A medium for storing a biological sample, in particular sperm, oocyte, embryo and stem cells, in a refrigerated, frozen or vitrified state, comprising a balanced salt solution and a 4-thioderivative of flavan-3-ol of formula (I) with cryoprotective effect.

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The invention relates to a compound (I) wherein R is a heterocyclyl radical; R 1 and R 2 are independently H or alkyl; R 3 is H, alkyl, cycloalkyl, cycloalkylalkyl, alkenyl, aryl, arylalkyl, heterocyclyl or heterocyclylalkyl; R 4 and R 5 are independently H or alkyl; q is a number selected from 0 an ...

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Materials and methods for making small magnetic particles, e.g. clusters of metal atoms, which can be employed as a substrate for immobilising a plurality of ligands. Also disclosed are uses of these magnetic nanoparticles as therapeutic and diagnostic reagents, and in the study of ligand-mediated i ...

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A process for deodorizing oils and fats based on subjecting the products to be deodorized to a current of an inert gas, preferably nitrogen, under vacuum conditions in a pressure range from 1 to 8 mbars and at a temperature between 60oC and 270oC. This process, when compared to the conventional meth ...