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Apparatus for determining a vigilance state of a subject such as a driver of a vehicle or the like. The apparatus includes means (

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A gas compression and delivery device for treatment of sleep disorders. The device has a motor, at least one impeller, and two air pressure chambers, each receiving air at a different pressure, one pressure applied to a patient during inspiration and one for expiration. A mask having a dual pressure ...

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An apparatus for monitoring an electrophysiological signal within a magnetically sensitive apparatus comprises a stretchable elastic cap having a plurality of electrode holders designed to be filled with a conductive electrolyte. Electrodes are disposed within the electrode holders and leads extend ...

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An apparatus is provided for controlling gas delivery to a patient, to maintain effective respiratory function. The apparatus includes sensors for monitoring one or more physiological variables such as breathing airflow sound, EEG, EOG, ENG, and/or patient position. The apparatus includes a determin ...

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An apparatus for controlling gas delivery to a patient is disclosed, wherein delivery is adapted to maintain a physiological sleep state. The apparatus includes a monitoring device that monitors EEG, EOG, EMG, patient position and patient breathing. The apparatus also contains a microprocessor, whic ...

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In one embodiment, the present invention includes an EEG system comprising of sensors which are utilized to gather an electromagnetic signal from a patient; a signal processing system; and a computer system. The computer system is configured to support multiple threads of execution. The computer sys ...

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The invention relates to a breathing mask for use in monitoring a patient. The mask can have sensors on the body of the mask and on the associated straps or caps. The mask can be used to monitor breathing problems or to monitor a patient during anesthesia. The data acquired from the mask sensors and ...

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A device for reliably and non-invasively measuring respiration rates and effort by encircling the patient's chest with a device having a large section of inelastic belt attached to a small section of elastic material. The elastic material having two magnetic tapes with wire windings thereon proximat ...

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The systems of the present invention provide improved accuracy in monitoring, analysing, detecting, predicting and/or providing alerts and alarms associated with depth of anaesthesia, depth of consciousness, hypnotic state, sedation depth, fatigue or vigilance of a subject, with as few as 3 surface ...

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The present invention monitors and interprets physiological signals and spontaneous breathing events to detect the onset of arousal. Once the onset of arousal is determined, the present invention determines adjustments that are needed in the operation of a therapeutic device to avoid or minimize aro ...