SALINGER JORGE, FRANCISCO MARK: Quality of service for distribution of content to network devices, Dienstqualität zur Verteilung von Inhalt an Netzwerkvorrichtungen, Qualité de service pour la distribution de contenu dans des dispositifs de réseau. COMCAST CABLE COMM, July 4, 2012: EP2472737-A2 (147 worldwide citation)

A gateway device configured to receive IP video content may select and use transmission methods that maintain a certain quality of service for delivering the content. A transmission method may be selected based on a network to which the client device is connected. The gateway device may select a net ...

PODER JIM, COOK MIKE: Securing property, Sicherung des Grundstücks, Sécurisation de propriété. COMCAST CABLE COMM, March 21, 2012: EP2431955-A2 (6 worldwide citation)

Methods, systems, and apparatuses for securing property are presented. Video content viewed by a user may be detected, and the user may be automatically prompted to change settings on a security system based on the detecting. A comparison of the current time with the duration of the video content ma ...

SYED YASSER F, HOLDEN DANIAL E: [fr] Système et procédé pour synchroniser une temporisation à travers de multiples trains de données, [de] System und Verfahren zur Zeitsynchronisierung über mehrere Ströme hinweg, [en] System and method for synchronizing timing across multiple streams. COMCAST CABLE COMM, June 19, 2013: EP2605523-A1 (5 worldwide citation)

[en] Systems and methods of adaptive streaming are discussed. Transcoded copies of a source stream may be aligned with one another such that the independently specified portions of each transcoded stream occur at the same locations within the content. These transcoded copies may be produced by one o ...

MCMAHON MICHAEL, DISCHNER DONALD, BATMANGLIDJ JAMESHEED R, CAPPS JAMES, SEIDEN JOSHUA: Intelligent remote control, Intelligente Fernsteuerung, Contrôle intelligent à distance. COMCAST CABLE COMM, November 16, 2011: EP2386975-A2 (5 worldwide citation)

A content access device and system may allow portable remote devices to be paired with a variety of different devices, allowing remote control through a network connection. Content access devices may expose application program interfaces, allowing incoming network traffic to control operation of the ...

LIU CHIA J: Qualité de service dans les réseaux à commutation par paquets, Dienstqualität in Paketnetzwerken, Quality of service in packet networks. COMCAST CABLE COMM, December 12, 2012: EP2533480-A1 (4 worldwide citation)

Methods and systems for providing quality of service over IP networks are disclosed. In one aspect, a flow label field of a header may be divided into first and second portions. The first portion defines a quality of service. The second portion identifies a message flow. Once the first portion defin ...

TZOUKERMANN EVELYNE, ZHOU HONGZHONG, JOJIC OLIVER, SHEVADE BAGESHREE, FARRELL RYAN MATTHEW: Video scene segmentation and classification to skip advertisements, Segmentierung und Klassifizierung einer Video zur auslassen des Werbeinhalts, Segmentation et classification de scènes video pour élimination de la publicité. COMCAST CABLE COMM, August 31, 2011: EP2362396-A2 (3 worldwide citation)

Content streams may be segmented to provide automatic extraction and storage of content items without commercials or other unrelated content. These content items may then be stored in a database and made accessible to subscribers through, for example, an on-demand service. Automatic segmentation may ...

HOLDEN DAN: Grid encoded media asset data, Rasterkodierte Medienbestandsdaten, Données de contenu multimédia codé sur grille. COMCAST CABLE COMM, November 16, 2011: EP2387241-A1 (2 worldwide citation)

Metadata can identify temporal segments of content associated with a media asset and can identify asset data types. In response to a request for a particular asset, a central office may identify a data type and a temporal segment based on metadata associated with the request.

CONNELLY MICHAEL, PEDAPROLU HARI VENKATRAM: Wireless Range Extender, Drahtloser Reichweitenerweiterer, Dispositif dextension de plage sans fil. COMCAST CABLE COMM, November 16, 2011: EP2387264-A1 (2 worldwide citation)

As described herein, Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA) is used to connect a range extender to a base Wireless Access Point (WAP). The MoCA based range extender may be outside the wireless range of the base WAP. In an embodiment, the MoCA based range extender may be in a wireless dead zone of the ...

FAHRNY JAMES W, KUYKENDALL PETE, DAVOUST NANCY: Key derivation for secure communications, Schlüsselableitung für sichere Kommunikationen, Dérivation de clé pour communications sécurisées. COMCAST CABLE COMM, April 4, 2012: EP2437461-A1 (2 worldwide citation)

A security system is disclosed in which a device-specific key value is provided to a security processing device, and then used to derive additional derived keys for use in secured communications. In response to identifying a compromise of the derived keys, the system can be instructed to derive new ...

FAHRNY JAMES WILLIAM: PC secure video path, PC-sicherer Videopfad, Chemin vidéo sécurisé de PC. COMCAST CABLE COMM, September 7, 2011: EP2363822-A2 (2 worldwide citation)

A system and method are disclosed for creating a secure video content path, or a protected media content bus, within an unsecure personal computer. A portable security module, or electronic key safe, may be inserted into a personal computer that has different internal components for processing secur ...