Havens Charlie C, Welch Herbert E: Magnetic tape cleaner apparatus. Collins Radio Company, October 23, 1973: US3767210 (11 worldwide citation)

A fine mesh screening means used in a rubbing or sliding relationship to the magnetic oxide side of a magnetic tape to remove dust or other contamination particles from the magnetic tape for the purpose of reducing errors in electrical reading of the magnetic tape.

Hutchinson William M: Minimum shift keying modulating apparatus. Collins Radio Company, May 1, 1973: US3731233 (11 worldwide citation)

A minimum shift keying transmitter utilizing a voltage controlled oscillator and logic circuitry for altering the frequency output of the oscillator in accordance with the logic level of the binary data to be supplied while preventing phase discontinuities in the output signal.

Johnson Frederick W: Moisture seal for electrical connector. Collins Radio Company, Crawford Robert J, September 17, 1974: US3836935 (11 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a printed circuit board interconnect system having moisture seal means for precluding the formation of a moisture film between electrical contacts. The seal means comprises a resilient seal strip having one or more integral hollow seals disposed on either side thereof, each hollow seal ...

Melvin William J: Digitalized tone generator. Collins Radio Company, August 3, 1971: US3597599 (11 worldwide citation)

A digitalized tone generator comprising a circulating loop containing, in series arrangement, a digitalized delay line means such as a shift register of N stages, and first and second full adders. A binary word of N bits circulates around the loop at a rate f.sub.s and is incremented by a value K.su ...

Stone James S: Electrical fault monitoring with memory. Collins Radio Company, July 17, 1973: US3746981 (11 worldwide citation)

Means for monitoring electronic equipment and detecting faults including memory means whereby transient or intermittent faults may be identified and corrected after an interval of time.

Stover Harris A: Distortion compensator for phase modulation systems. Collins Radio Company, Anderson Richard W, Crawford Robert J, May 7, 1974: US3810018 (11 worldwide citation)

A distortion compensation means for introduction in either the transmitter or the receiver of a phase modulation communication system by introduction into conventional transmitter phase modulators or receiver phase demodulators of a compensating distortion which is added to the distortion normally e ...

Daniel M Mitchell, Chandrakant Mehta: Transient-free solid-state power contactor. Collins Radio Company Cedar Rapids IA, Richard W Anderson, Robert J Crawford, November 16, 1971: US3621373 (10 worldwide citation)

A solid-state alternating current power contactor employs silicon controlled rectifier switching elements to attain a ramp turn on by gradually increasing the rectifier conduction angle. Turnoff is effected during zero crossover. Thus transient problems associated with steplike turn on and high curr ...

Kubicz Arthur P: Signal path series step-biased multidevice high-efficiency amplifier. Collins Radio Company, May 4, 1971: US3577092 (10 worldwide citation)

A high-efficiency transformerless amplitude modulation system with an audio frequency power amplifier having at least two amplifier segments with at least one amplifier device in each, a different level voltage power supply for each amplifier segment, and a bias step between adjacent amplifier segme ...

Frazier Melvin A: Short circuit protected voltage regulator. Collins Radio Company, October 10, 1972: US3697861 (10 worldwide citation)

A series voltage regulator providing both short circuit and overload protection having a transistor in series with a preceding resistor in a direct path from dc input to dc regulated voltage output. The transistor is a series control element part of current limiting circuit subject to control with v ...

Huntsinger Dean P: All digital distance measuring equipment. Collins Radio Company, July 25, 1972: US3680097 (10 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to all-digital distance-measuring radio equipment wherein all time measurements are performed by counting oscillator pulses, and a single counter performs both search and memory functions while yielding directly readable distance values.