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Automatic control of aircraft which provides runway centerline guidance during landing rollout, takeoff roll and low altitude initiated go-around flight modes, wherein lateral dispersion is minimized during a go-around manuever for the case of an outboard engine.

Melvin William J: Differentially coherent phase shift keyed digital demodulating apparatus. Collins Radio Company, July 4, 1972: US3675129 (15 worldwide citation)

A digitally implemented demodulating system for use in detecting a multitone differentially coherent phase shift keyed received signal. A plurality of reference tones are sequentially generated and separated into in-phase and quad-phase components. These components are multiplied by the input signal ...

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A code transmission means comprising a compact keyboard of multi-functional keys and binary code word generation means compatible with handheld communication sets. Stored multibit code words for key selected symbols to be transmitted are addressed out of storage memory to provide time synchronous bi ...

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A quartz crystal resonator tuning plating automatic control process utilizing an automatic feedback control circuit in a process loop with the quartz crystal being metal plating tuned in an oscillator circuit. The frequency of the oscillator circuit is mixed with a reference frequency and the differ ...

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A digital word serial integrator circuit is disclosed which can be utilized as the basis for various types of filter circuits. The filter circuits all utilize serial digital input words and produce digital output words and in the process provide low and high pass filtration functions as well as mult ...

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A voltage regulator with delayed current turn-off characteristics particularly useful with capacitive loads and including a load current control transistor, control circuitry for the current control transistor, and load current sensing circuitry the control circuitry being responsive to excess load ...

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A multi-rate return spring optimizes solenoid operational efficiency by providing a spring restoring force versus deflection characteristic more nearly matching the inverse-square solenoid stroke versus force characteristic. The spring may be fashioned from two or more contiguous sections having pro ...

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A static DC-DC inverter employs an output transformer utilizing core materials of different permeability characteristics. The transformer establishes a constant volt-second product as concerns the output waveform and establishes self-regulation on an open loop basis with inherent preventatives as co ...

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A digitally controlled stroke writing system for displaying a selected imagery on a cathode ray tube defines the imagery as a sequence of straight line strokes of predetermined length and line slope. Each stroke is comprised of plural clock rate defined segments and is commanded by a five-bit binary ...

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Disclosed is a gain-controlled amplifier having a gain control loop including amplifying and filtering means for providing a control signal to the gain-controlled amplifier. The gain control loop further includes crowbar means for providing a maximum gain signal in response to a drop in input signal ...