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A microelectric wafer or chip vacuum chuck in the form of a heat exchanger pedestal with a heat exchanger pressure vessel at the pedestal top through which hot and cold fluids are selectively pumped in circulation from and return to, respectively, hot and cold remote fluid reservoirs. A plurality of ...

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A combined unitary pin and socket contact, receivable in a housing, designed for providing electrical interconnect between parallel stacked circuit boards, with guided entry of pins into contact sockets, and opposite side spring socket contact arms resiliently engaging opposite sides of an inserted ...

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A method of activity implementation through use of automatic computation means whereby simultaneous execution of program tasks may be performed and maximum utilization of system facilities is realized. The overall activity is partitioned into separate tasks with input requirements, desired outputs, ...

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Apparatus for providing backlighting of a display comprising the use of louvered material between a light source and the sides of a prism wherein the prism is utilized to transmit and direct light rays to the display surface. The use of the prism in some embodiments eliminates direct viewing of the ...

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A hybrid coupler for coupling a plurality of transmitters to a single antenna. Inductive coupling through use of variable length transmission line stubs affords tuning over a wide transmission frequency range.

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Method and means of error rate detection including developing an eye pattern analog signal of transmitted digital data, defining a region within said eye pattern as an unacceptable area through which said eye pattern may not transgress, and counting as an erroneous signal each transgression of said ...

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A DC step-up voltage regulator with a series arrangement of a raw DC source and an energy storing inductor which are alternately connected to a low impedance circuit to build up the inductor current and to an output circuit which includes a capacitor which is charged by the current flow from the ind ...

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A system for deriving signals proportional to horizontal and vertical wind gust level each as the difference between an atmospheric measurement and an inertial reference and, by a threshold sensitive signal translator responsive only to negative ones of the derived signals, to subtract gust bias sig ...

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A Digital Product Inspection System using a digital pseudo-random generator in combination with a charactertistic of the product being inspected to produce a unique set of data combinations which when compared with previously taken data from the test of a 'known good unit' will provide an output ind ...

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An automatic level control maintains an accurate output level measurement under conditions of high modulation index by developing a control signal proportional to the deviation of output level from a desired norm. Output level is determined as a function of the time that the modulation envelope ther ...