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An absorbent article comprising, an absorbent pad assembly having an absorbent pad, and pockets for retaining a hydrocolloid material in association with the pad.

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An improved toothbrush with a secure grip, a more effective bristle arrangement, and a specially shaped head is disclosed. The handle is formed with opposed gripping portions, and fits securely in the hand of the brusher, facing either up or down, imparting to the user a very secure and comfortable ...

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An oral composition such as a toothpaste (including gel or cream), mouthwash, lozenge, chewing gum or tooth powder containing a calculus-inhibiting amount of a linear molecularly dehydrated polyphosphate salt and, to inhibit enzymatic hydrolysis of said polyphosphate salt in saliva, a combination of ...

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An oral composition such as a dentifrice or mouthwash, containing an aqueous phase of water and as solubilizing agent propylene glycol, dipropylene glycol, methyl cellosolve, ethyl cellosolve, olive oil, castor oil, amyl acetate, ethyl acetate, glyceryl tristearate or benzyl benzoate mixed with at l ...

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An absorbent article comprising a cover sheet and a backing sheet, the cover and backing sheets being attached in areas without the use of water-insoluble adhesives to form pockets in which a fluid absorbent material is stored. The absorbent article is formed by depositing portions of the fluid abso ...

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An invention is disclosed which comprises siloxane-based polyamides as gelling agents for cosmetic products, methods for making such agents, formulations therof and cosmetic formulations therewith. These polyamides contain siloxane groups in the main chain and act to thicken compositions containing ...

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An absorbent article comprising an absorbent pad having a front surface, and sheet means, including a film of thermoplastic material, covering at least a portion of the front surface of the pad. A pattern is fused into the film to define a discontinuous front surface of the article.

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A novel composition to prevent and control mouth odor, which is also effective in preventing calculus, plaque, caries and periodontal disease containing as the essential agent, a zinc-polymer combination formed by the reaction or interaction of a zinc compound with an anionic polymer containing carb ...

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Towelette dispenser and vapor impervious pouch containing a roll or web of absorbent material, such as nonwoven fibrous towelettes pre-moistened with a chemical-containing aqueous or other fluid solution. The pouch is sealed before use to prevent the loss of moisture from the pre-moistened towelette ...

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Improved diaper assembly comprising a main pad assembly having an outer backing sheet, and an inner sheet with an absorbent material therebetween, and a selectively positionable auxiliary pad assembly movably secured to, or retained by, the main pad assembly. The auxiliary pad is selectively positio ...