David D Clark: Laundry pre-spotter comp. providing improved oily soil removal. Colgate Palmolive Co, Bernard Lieberman, Murray M Grill, Robert C Sullivan, March 20, 1990: US04909962 (81 worldwide citation)

A clear, single phase, pre-spotting composition is provided in the form of a microemulsion, solution, or gel and which comprises, by weight:

John P Curtis, Jan Joost Pabst, James H Kemp: Dental floss. Colgate Palmolive Co, Michael J McGreal, Robert L Stone, Robert C Sullivan, July 23, 1991: US05033488 (77 worldwide citation)

Porous, high strength (that is, "Expanded") polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) dental floss is coated with microcrystalline wax. If desired, the floss may also incorporate one or more actives tartar control anti-caries antiplaque and/or antibacterial actives and/or dentally acceptable agents such as pol ...

Shaw Lin Han, Kuo Yann Lai, Edward P Duliba: Detergent composition. Colgate Palmolive Co, Richard J Angel, Richard E Nanfeld, Robert C Sullivan, April 7, 1992: US05102573 (71 worldwide citation)

Liquid, caustic-free, pre-spotting compositions that remove baked-on food residues from hard surfaces at ambient temperatures are provided which comprise:

William J Cook, Karen L Wisniewski, Nagaraj S Dixit, Nandakumar S Rao: Acidic disinfectant all-purpose liquid cleaning composition. Colgate Palmolive Co, Bernard Lieberman, Murray M Grill, Robert C Sullivan, April 16, 1991: US05008030 (67 worldwide citation)

A stable, acidic disinfectant all-purpose liquid cleaning composition, free of detergent builders and substantially free of organic solvents, comprising a mixture of acid stable water-soluble and water-dispersible nonionic surfactants, organic acid and a water soluble, acid stable disinfectant compo ...

Andrew F Dawson, Bernard Moss, Paul Wigglesworth: Post-foaming gel shower product. Colgate Palmolive Co, Richard J Ancel, Murray M Grill, September 20, 1988: US04772427 (63 worldwide citation)

A stable, post-foaming gel shower product comprising a soap-free, surfactant-based gel composition consisting essentially of a major amount of water, about 3-23% by weight of a water-soluble anionic alkali metal C.sub.10 -C.sub.16 alkyl ether sulfate surfactant, about 1-24% by weight of a water disp ...

Karami Hamzeh: Diaper with cushioned elastic members. Colgate Palmolive Co, January 19, 1983: GB2101468-A (60 worldwide citation)

A disposable diaper, which is preferably box-pleated, has cushioned elastic members (34 and 36) secured between the impervious backing sheet 12 and the absorbent pad (26) and is adapted to overcome leakage through the leg hole edges while cushioning so as to reduce the incidence of indentations or m ...

Myriam Mondin, Myriam Loth, Guy Broze, Ammanuel Mehreteab, Barbara Thomas, Steven Adamy, Frank Bala Jr: Cleaning composition in microemulsion, liquid crystal or aqueous solution form comprising mixture of partially esterified, full esterified and non-esterified ethoxylated polyhydric alcohols. Colgate Palmolive Co, Richard E Nanfeldt, James Serafino, August 27, 1996: US05549840 (53 worldwide citation)

An improvement is described in the liquid crystal composition or the microemulsion compositions, which is especially effective in the removal of oily and greasy soil and having an evidenced grease release effect, contains an anionic detergent, an ethoxylated glycerol type compound, a hydrocarbon ing ...

Thomas K Mon: Dripless measuring cup for closure assembly. Colgate Palmolive Co, Michael J McGreal, Murray M Grill, Robert C Sullivan, December 4, 1990: US04974749 (51 worldwide citation)

A dripless closure assembly for a container comprising a body seated in the neck of the container and which has a pouring spout. A measuring cup which also functions as a cap is disposed over the pouring spout and has a first threaded outwardly disposed skirt for threaded engagement with the neck of ...

Abdul Gaffar, Nuran Nabi, Brian S Jannone: Antibacterial, antiplaque, anticalculus oral composition. Colgate Palmolive Co, Robert L Stone, Murray M Grill, August 27, 1991: US05043154 (50 worldwide citation)

An oral composition such as a dentifrice, mouthwash, lozenge or chewing gum containing a polyphosphate anticalculus agent, such as tetraalkali metal pyrophosphate and antibacterial antiplaque agent compatible therewith. The antiplaque agent is a substantially water-insoluble noncationic antibacteria ...

Nagaraj S Dixit, Thomas Davan: Thixotropic aqueous scented automatic dishwasher detergent compositions. Colgate Palmolive Co, Richard Nanfeldt, Murray M Grill, Robert C Sullivan, December 24, 1991: US05075027 (49 worldwide citation)

A scented aqueous thixotropic dishwasher composition comprising tripolyphosphate, a chlorine bleach compound, a thixotropic thickener, a chlorine bleach stable fragrance and air in an amount of 2% to 10% by volume. The composition preferably also contains a long chain fatty acid or its salt, an orga ...