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Apparatus is disclosed in a system for drilling holes with a laser beam in a plurality of discrete moving workpieces carried by a support which moves each workpiece sequentially along a predetermined path at a predetermined velocity, the apparatus including means for sequentially tracking along a po ...

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A technique of constructing a plurality of holes in sheet material by scanning a coherent laser beam across holes in a mask overlaying said material. The use of a stream of gas coaxially aligned with said coherent light beam is also disclosed. A special technique is included for making one or more h ...

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An aligned array of photo-detecting devices, where each photo-detecting device corresponds to an increment in position, senses a pulsed light beam or a moving light beam which defines a reference plane. The output from an activated photo-detecting device is coupled to a numerical read-out display wh ...

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A laser photocoagulator for treating a patient's eye comprises a laser, optical means for delivering the output beam from the laser to the desired location in the eye of the patient, and wherein the laser is operated to provide a multi-mode output beam. The use of the multi-mode output laser beam en ...

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An automated laser tool including a work table upon which a work piece is placed, a stationarily mounted laser, and optical means for directing the output beam from the laser along a controlled path to effectuate a cutting operation on the work piece.

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A system for decoding encoded character information characterized by a plurality of bars of alternating light reflective characteristics of one or more widths in applications such as reader/scanner systems utilizing a decision tree technique that enables decoding to take place on line in real time.

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A power meter for measuring radiation including a radiation target disc, a heat sink for cooling the periphery of the disc, and a circumferentially extending array of radial thermocouples for measuring the total power of energy incident on the central area of the disc as a function of the sum of rad ...

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One or more birefringent plates are placed within the optical cavity of an optical oscillator such as a dye laser. Each of the plates is positioned at an angle, such as Brewster's angle with respect to the light reflected within the optical cavity of the optical resonator. The output wavelength from ...

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A folded gas laser having improved mirror mounting means in which: (1) optical alignment can be adjusted with two adjustable end mirrors without adjusting a corner block folding mirror assembly; (2) a ceramic corner block provides rigid and accurate support for folding mirrors while permitting direc ...