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An apparatus and methods for deploying, recovering, and servicing an AUV are disclosed. The apparatus includes a linelatch system that is made up of a tether management system connected to a flying latch vehicle by a tether. The linelatch system can be connected to a surface vessel by an umbilical o ...

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A composite flexible tube is disclosed. The central portion of the core of the tube is formed of a plurality of hollow elements dipsosed concentrically about the longitudinal axis of the tube.

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It is of the unbonded type and comprises, from the inside outwards, an internal leakproof assembly comprising a pressure vault, a first inner group of tensile armor (5), a second outer group of tensile armor (7) and an external sealing sheath (8), the tensile armor of the said inner and outer groups ...

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A lower portion of a subsea oil delivery hose is held taut between bouyant devices installed on the hose and a stationary point on the subsea floor. A portion of the lower part of the hose, connected to the stationary point, has a curved portion that is concave in the direction of a wellhead to whic ...

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An underwater apparatus for performing subsurface operations adapted to be operated from a remote location above the surface of a body of water is disclosed. The apparatus includes a linelatch system that is made up of a tether management system connected to a flying latch vehicle by a tether. The t ...

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According to the method of the invention there is wound, around a hollow body (1) and in substantially contiguous turns, a flexible strip (2), the latter strip being fixed onto the hollow body. The strip is of a material, the tensile limit of which is in excess of that of the material of which the h ...

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In an umbilical, one or more steel rods, which provide strength and ballast, are wound helically within the umbilical along with the steel tubes and/or elongated active umbilical elements. These steel rods replace some or all of the thermoplastic filler elements that would otherwise be included with ...

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A tubular conduit for the transport of fluids under pressure includes a flexible outer tubular sheath, a group of stiffening reinforcements, a flexible inner tubular sheath or tube, and if applicable at least one intermediate flexible tubular sheath, and a heater in the form of electrically conducti ...

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A reinforced hose including at least one of a pressure-resistant reinforcement, a tensile-strength reinforcement and/or an inner carcass. At least one of the pressure-resistant reinforcement, the tensile-strength reinforcement and the inner carcass have at least one elongated element formed as one o ...

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A piping or conduit system in which conduits to receive flow lines or flexible pipe can be connected end to end to form a riser assembly, and thereafter, the flow lines can be inserted through individual conduits of the assembly. The section contains a low density foam to impart essentially zero neg ...