Fysh Dadd, Ian Darley, Peter Gibson, John Parker, Claudiu Treaba: Cochlear implant electrode array. Cochlear, Connolly Bove Lodge & Hutz, September 18, 2007: US07272449 (26 worldwide citation)

A cochlear implant electrode assembly (10) comprising an elongate electrode carrier member (11), a bioresorbable stiffening element (15) and an outer layer (16) surrounding the stiffening element (15). The carrier member (11) is made of a resiliently flexible first material and has a plurality of el ...

Peter Single: Public alarm for cochlear implant. Cochlear, Gottlieb Rackman & Reisman P C, August 24, 1999: US05941905 (26 worldwide citation)

A monitor for a therapeutic device such as a cochlear implant monitors the leakage RF signals between the external and the internal components. In one embodiment, absence of RF signals is interpreted by the monitor as being indicative of either an out-of-range condition or a flat battery condition a ...

Joachim W Baumann, Hans Leysieffer: Totally implantable hearing system. Cochlear, David S Safran, Nixon Peabody, October 19, 2004: US06807445 (26 worldwide citation)

A totally implantable hearing system for rehabilitation of hearing disorders, comprising at least one implantable sensor for picking up at least airborne sound and for converting it into electrical airborne sound signals, and at least one implantable sensor for picking up at least body sound-induced ...

David K Money: Auditory prosthesis with automated voice muting using the stapedius muscle reflex. Cochlear, Gottlieb Rackman & Reisman P C, December 17, 2002: US06496734 (26 worldwide citation)

An auditory prosthesis includes a sound sensor that senses both ambient sounds and sounds uttered by the patient. The prosthesis includes a monitor that senses a physiological parameter indicative of the intensity of the sounds as perceived by the patient and/or the onset of a prospective speech epi ...

Cem M Shaquer: Transcutaneous power optimization circuit for a medical implant. Cochlear, Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, May 15, 2012: US08180452 (25 worldwide citation)

In a cochlear implant system, the implantable stimulator includes a monitor which monitors parameters associated with the stimulation signals and/or the power stored in an energy storage element which stores energy transmitted from the processor. This parameter or parameters is/are analyzed and one ...

Peter Seligman: General purpose accessory for a cochlear implant system. Cochlear, Christie Parker & Hale, February 6, 2007: US07174214 (25 worldwide citation)

A cochlear implant system comprising a first unit (5) adapted to be worn on or in one ear of an implantee. The first unit has a case housing componentry including a microphone (27), and a speech processor means (29). A second unit or accessory (30) is adapted to be worn on or in the other ear of the ...

Hans Leysieffer, Bernd Waldmann: System for rehabilitation of a hearing disorder. Cochlear, Connolly Bove Lodge & Hutz, May 20, 2008: US07376563 (23 worldwide citation)

A system for rehabilitation of a hearing disorder which comprises at least one acoustic sensor for picking up an acoustic signal and converting it into an electrical audio signal, an electronic signal processing unit for audio signal processing and amplification, an electrical power supply unit whic ...

Hans Leysieffer: Implantable hearing aid with tinnitus masker or noiser. Cochlear, David S Safran, Nixon Peabody, May 28, 2002: US06394947 (23 worldwide citation)

Partially or fully implantable hearing aid for rehabilitation of an inner ear hearing disorder, with a microphone (

Peter Single, Kenneth R Dickson, David Money: Implant ESD protection network. Cochlear, Gottlieb Rackman & Reisman, December 17, 1996: US05584870 (23 worldwide citation)

A protective component is provided for protecting a cochlear implant from external electrostatic discharges. The implant receives signals through a receiver coil inductively coupled to a transmitter coil. The protective component is disposed across the coil of the transmitter.

Simon Doclo, Ann Spriet, Marc Moonen, Jan Wouters: Method and device for noise reduction. Cochlear, Connolly Bove Lodge & Hutz, February 2, 2010: US07657038 (22 worldwide citation)

In one aspect of the present invention, a method to reduce noise in a noisy speech signal is disclosed The method comprises: applying at least two versions of the noisy speech signal to a first filter, whereby that first filter outputs a speech reference signal and at least one noise reference signa ...

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