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A system and method for indicating the speed of a locomotive during low speed continuous loading and or unloading of bulk materials such as coal. The system utilizes treadle switches which are equally spaced along a track, the treadle switches generating positional information which is transmitted t ...

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A slew ring bearing for coupling the superstructure of a large piece of heavy equipment to the base having an inner ring attachable to the underside of the superstructure and an outer ring having gear teeth on its outer cylindrical surface concentric with the inner ring and attachable to a stationar ...

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A method for mining a mineral deposit underground in a vein having an underburden and an overburden which comprises boring a pilot hole into the vein between the underburden and the overburden. The thickness of the material is then measured at predetermined distances along the pilot hole, between th ...

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A switching system for powering first and second electrical loads from a voltage supply, the electrical loads being operable from controls and adapted to be connected to the voltage supply by the switching system. The switching system includes switching circuitry having a control element which is re ...

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A continuous process for blending coal with a water immiscible liquid produces a uniform, pumpable slurry. Pulverized raw feed coal and preferably a coal derived, water immiscible liquid are continuously fed to a blending zone (12 and 18) in which coal particles and liquid are intimately admixed and ...

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Dust filter apparatus comprises a first, coarse dust removal stage constituted by a plurality of swirl chamber devices into which a liquid is sprayed and a second, fine dust removal stage constituted by a wetted filter panel.

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A process controller is disclosed for controlling a process. The process controller includes a process supervisor for accessing process control data clusters from a library. Each data cluster provides control data, e.g., setpoints, deadbands, execution frequencies and alarm ranges for process actuat ...

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An improved cyclone separator comprises a body defining a main vortex chamber having an inlet and a fluid outlet. A secondary vortex chamber communicates with and opens into the main vortex chamber.