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An agricultural utility vehicle includes a computer to execute the steps of storing data representing steering direction, position and speed of the agricultural vehicle; recognizing repeated drive events wherein each drive event comprises a plurality of serially performed functions including changin ...

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A pickup for an agricultural implement, the pickup including dual floating windguards that pivot and float causing the tines to maintain contact with the crop at all times as it moves over the pickup and across the stuffer.

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An agricultural tillage implement that employs multiple apparatus to carry out a strip-till farming operation is disclosed. A tillage shank runs a point through the compaction layer to fracture and loosen the soil, forcing it upwardly and outwardly where a pair of angled soil-gathering blades, locat ...

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A lever-operated PTO shaft connection mechanism for use with a three-point hitch quick coupler that aligns and engages the PTO driveline between a tractor and a powered implement.

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An access control system for a work vehicle that has an engine and a location is provided, the system including location sensor that indicates the vehicle's location and an electronic control unit coupled to the sensor that receives the location signal and selectively disables the engine based upon ...

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An agricultural primary tillage implement is disclosed with a row cleaner assembly attached in front of the shank. That row cleaner is adjustable fore-and-aft for optimum clearance between the shank and a leading soil preparation apparatus to maximize clearance for residue movement. The row cleaner ...

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An apparatus and method for determining when a component of a work vehicle experiences vibration above a predetermined threshold, and responding to the vibration so that the vibration is reduced below the predetermined threshold. The apparatus, which is in a work vehicle that includes a chassis, an ...

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A system and method for controlling access to a work vehicle includes limiting an unauthorized operator's access to the work vehicle by disabling an engine subsystem and additionally limiting access to another vehicle system such as an auxiliary fluid actuator, by disabling at least one of the auxil ...

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A drive for transferring sideward motion from a first or driving elongate sickle knife to a second or driven elongate sickle knife longitudinally aligned with the first sickle knife. A double rack and pinion arrangement is used including at least one pinion mounted at a fixed location, a first sidew ...

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A control system for the drive of a power take-off mechanism on an agricultural tractor that records machine-specific values of the implement attached to the tractor. The drive train between the tractor engine and the power take-off includes a CVT transmission. The control device is connected with a ...