Akimori Tomizawa, Hiroshi Osaka, Ryokichi Kanai: Coding system for pay television. Clarion Co, January 18, 1983: US04369462 (95 worldwide citation)

A coding system for use in a television system wherein at least a part of a television signal is inverted by an encoder at a broadcasting station, according to a code signal and the coded television signal is decoded by decoders of specific subscribers to be reproduced on TV sets. The coding system ...


Hideki Hayashi, Yuji Teraguchi: Disk-changing device with reciprocating back-switching step cam plates. Clarion co, Price Gess & Ubell, December 30, 1997: US05703866 (3 worldwide citation)

A disk-changing device is disclosed which is able to house a plurality of disk-shaped recording media, and is capable of miniaturization. The recording media are arrayed in one orientation, and the play-back mechanism selects one desired disk, takes it out and performs a predetermined operation such ...