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A pressure sensor capable of measuring pressure in a harsh environment includes at least one intrinsic fiber optic sensor element formed within a core of an optical fiber. A length of the optical fiber containing the sensor element is attached to a pressure sensitive structure. A dimension of the pr ...

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A sensor capable of measuring a number of physical parameters in a harsh environment includes a plurality of intrinsic fiber optic sensor elements formed within a core of an optical fiber, the optical fiber being disposed within a capillary tube made of a high strength, corrosion resistant material. ...


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A dynamic pressure sensor with measures for its operation in high temperature and high pressure environments. The sensor uses at least one winding about a deformable mandrel of an optical fiber inscribed by a Bragg grating at its beginning and another at the end of the winding. To counter the effect ...


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Flow rate measurement system includes two measurement regions 14,16 located an average axial distance ΔX apart along the pipe 12, the first measurement region 14 having two unsteady pressure sensors 18,20, located a distance X1 apart, and the second measurement region 16, having two other unsteady p ...

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An apparatus 10,70 and method is provided that includes a spatial array of unsteady pressure sensors 15–18 placed at predetermined axial locations x1–xN disposed axially along a pipe 14 for measuring at least one parameter of a saturated vapor/liquid mixture 12, such as steam, flowing in the pipe 14 ...

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Lengths of coiled tubing have sensor carrier elements mounted therebetween such that a plurality of sensor carrier elements are positioned along a length of coiled tubing. Each sensor carrier element carriers a sensor implemented with one or more intrinsic fiber optic sensor elements positioned ther ...