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A self-centering umbrella-type septal closure device which includes a proximal and distal occluder each having a plurality of arms supporting the occlusion shells. Each of the proximal and distal support arms have at least three coils any one or more of which is secured by a centering mechanism so a ...

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A biomaterial implant into which is incorporated a sustained release polymer containing an anticalcium agent.

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The disclosed invention is a device for adhering cells in a specific and predetermined position. The device comprises a plate defining a surface and a plurality of cytophilic islands that adhere cells which are isolated by cytophobic regions to which cells do not adhere and further is contiguous wit ...

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A system and method is disclosed to improve the ability of physicians, researchers and others to digest large amounts of cardiac electrophysiologic data acquired during cardiac catheterization, improving their ability to visualize, interpret and act on its content. The technique addresses previous l ...

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Ground bone or cartilage particles are demineralized by extraction with a low ionic strength buffer such as 20 mM HEPES containing a chelating agent and protease inhibitors, then extracted with an acidic solution such as 0.3M citric acid, pH 4.0, containing protease inhibitors. The extracted materia ...

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Methods and apparatus for suturing in physically confined and visually restricted areas are disclosed. Suturing instruments are described that serve to deliver suture material through biological tissue by extending and retracting the distal portion of the instrument through the tissue. Suture needle ...

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A radially expandable endoprosthesis device (10) comprises an elongated sleeve member (12) in which the radially outward expansion of the sleeve member (12) is initially limited by connecting strips (22) which are operatively connected to the sleeve member (12). The connecting strips (22) are select ...

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Biocompatible porous polymer membranes are prepared by dispersing salt particles in a biocompatible polymer solution. The solvent in which the polymer is dissolved is evaporated to produce a polymer/salt composite membrane. The polymer can then be heated and cooled at a predetermined constant rate t ...

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A directly visualized method for deploying a detachable balloon to a target site in vivo is described. The method allows a physician or technician to deploy the detachable balloon to the target site while directly visualizing the detachment of the balloon and/or the effects of the detached balloon o ...

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A cell-scaffold composition is prepared in vitro for implanting to produce functional organ tissue in vivo. The scaffold is three-dimensional and is composed of hollow or solid fibers of a biocompatible, synthetic polymer which is biodegradable or non-biodegradable. The fibers of the scaffold may ha ...