Chiesi Paolo: A device for dispensing metered amounts of aerosol for inhalation.. Chiesi Farma, December 27, 1989: EP0347779-A2 (63 worldwide citation)

The invention concerns an apparatus for the administration of drugs in form of metered aerosol, consisting of an expansion chamber (3) comprising two coaxial tubes (1, 2) freely slidable within one another and detachable. The external tube (1) has an open end (4) and a tapered end (5) on which the c ...

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An aerosol solution composition for use in an aerosol inhaler comprises an active material, a propellant containing a hydrofluoroalkane, a cosolvent and optionally a low volatility component to increase the mass median aerodynamic diameter (MMAD) of the aerosol particles on actuation of the inhaler. ...

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The invention provides a device for mouth-inhaling medicaments dispensed as aerosols by pressurized cans (16). The device is flat and compact in shape, comprises a seat for housing a can and defines an expansion chamber (3) into which the aerosol dispensed by the can, when operated, penetrates and e ...

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A new excipient which may be used in the preparation of pharmaceutical compositions in the form of powders for inhalation, constituted by microgranules of a conglomerate of one or more solid water-soluble diluents and a lubricant.

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A composition for use in an aerosol inhaler comprises an active material, a propellant containing a hydrofluoroalkane and a cosolvent. The composition further includes a low volatility component which is added to increase the mass median aerodynamic diameter (MMAD) of the aerosol particles on actuat ...

Chiesi Paolo, Pavesi Luciana: Aqueous pharmaceutical formulations of piroxicam monohydrate.. Chiesi Farma, April 30, 1986: EP0179430-A2 (15 worldwide citation)

Aqueous pharmaceutical compositions, containing as the active ingredient N-(2-pyridyl)-2-methyl-4-hydroxy-2H- 1,2-benzothiazine-3-carboxamide 1,1-dioxyde in the monohydrated form. The compositions of the invention are stable and do not undergo to crystal growth phenomena.

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This invention relates to a new inhaler for the local administration of powdered drugs to the respiratory tract. The apparatus consists of a nozzle (1) and a main body (2) which itself defines a storage chamber (8) for the medicinal substance, a dosing means (14,17) which supplies precisely measured ...

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Compounds of the formula Het-S(O)n-CH2-A (I) wherein Het is a substituted imidazolyl, purinyl, thieno-imidazolyl or imidazo-pyridyl group, n is 0 or 1, A is one of the following structures: and their physiologically acceptable salts have antiulcer and gastric acid antisecretory activity.

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Isosorbide 2- and 5-mononitrate esters with aliphatic, aryl, or cynnamic acids or diacids, or with alkylcarbonyloxy substituents optionally containing an isosorbide 2- or 5-mononitrate group, are useful in human therapy.