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Product yield and quality is increased during in situ retorting of oil shale by pulsed combustion in which the flow of feed gas to the flame front is intermittently stopped while continuously retorting the oil shale. In the process, a water purge is injected into the retort between pulses of feed ga ...

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An oil recovery process is disclosed which uses a particular class of alkylaryl sulfonate surfactants. The surfactants are derived from an alpha-olefin stream having a broad distribution of even carbon numbers ranging from 12 to 58. The olefin stream is reacted with aromatic feedstock, such as benze ...

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A method is provided for installing a tubular member in a porous solid medium beneath the surface of a liquid body. The method is initiated by placing the member in a substantially upright position within the liquid body with an open end of the member positioned upon the solid medium and the opposit ...

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Alkenyl or alkyl succinimide additives which are the reaction product of a high molecular weight alkenyl- or alkyl-substituted succinic anhydride and a polyalkylene polyamine having an average of greater than 4 nitrogen atoms per mole, wherein the reaction product is post-treated with a cyclic carbo ...

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A reactor system and process for hydrotreating a heavy feedstock contaminated with metals sulfur and carbon residue using an upflow fixed bed reactor with at least two catalyst layers having different hydrogenation activity.

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A method is disclosed for preparing a crystalline aluminosilicate zeolite from a reaction mixture containing only sufficient water so that the reaction mixture may be shaped if desired. In the method, the reaction mixture is heated at crystallization conditions and in the absence of an external liqu ...

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Methods for separating olefins from non-olefins, such as parafins, including cycloparaffins, oxygenates and aromatics, are provided. The methods use metal salts to complex olefins, allowing the non-olefins to be separated by a variety of methods, including decantation and distillation. The metal sal ...

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The invention includes a method of financing eCommerce purchases including: receiving over the Internet buyer registration information. Then evaluating a credit rating for the buyer and passing over the Internet the credit rating to a seller, and then receiving over the Internet from the seller sell ...

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A computer implemented method for interpreting faults from a fault-enhanced 3-D seismic attribute cube. The method includes the steps of extracting faults from a 3-D seismic attribute cube, and of calculating a minimum path value for each voxel of the 3-D seismic attribute cube. A fault network skel ...

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An enhanced oil recovery technique for recovering hydrocarbons from a reservoir during gas injection comprises the at least periodic injection of gas and a foam-forming composition into the reservoir. The foam-forming composition comprises water, an effective foam-forming amount of a C.sub.10-16 .al ...