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Vectors and methods for the production of influenza viruses suitable as recombinant influenza vaccines in cell culture are provided. Bi-directional expression vectors for use in a multi-plasmid influenza virus expression system are provided. Additionally, the invention provides methods of producing ...


Jin Hong, Chen Zhongying: Influenza b viruses having alterations in the hemaglutinin polypeptide. Medimmune, Jin Hong, Chen Zhongying, PENN Michael, December 24, 2008: WO/2008/157583 (9 worldwide citation)

The present invention encompasses methods of producing influenza B viruses in cell culture. The influenza B viruses may have desirable characteristics, such as enhanced replication in eggs and may be used, for example, in vaccines and in methods of treatment to protect against influenza B virus infe ...






Gong Yijing, Chen Zhongying: Light mop. Gong Yijing, Chen Zhongying, hu zhiping, September 19, 2012: CN201210200622

The invention discloses a light mop comprising scouring cloth, a mounting stem and a mop rod connected with the mounting stem, wherein the scouring cloth is sleeved on the mounting stem, the lateral dimension of the souring cloth is matched with the length of the mounting stem, and the scouring clot ...