Han Qingrong, Zhong Shuqiang, Luo Jie: Dispersion compensating transmission optical fiber matched with orthochromatic dispersion and ortho chromatic dispersion slope unimodel optical fiber and use. Changfei Optical Fibre And Optical Cable, tang zhengyu, July 21, 2004: CN03128321

The waveguide structure of single-mode optical fibre comprises layered fibre core and layered clad. The fibre core is set with two core layers in different refractive indexed and layered clad consists of five layered clads. The codeposition of fluorine and germanium is applied by utilizing PCVD proc ...

Jiang Xiaoqiang, Wang Ruichun, Zhang Shuqiang: Optical fibre with ultralarge effective area, low dispersion gradient and non-zero dispersion displacement. Changfei Optical Fibre And Optical Cable, hu jianbeng, October 22, 2003: CN03119080

The invention refers to a super-large effective area, low-dispersive gradient, nonzero dispersive displacement optical fiber, including a fiber core and an envelope, its characters: at the 1550 nm wavelength, the effective area of the fiber core >95 micron m2, the dispersive gradient Ds<0.065ps/nm2/ ...

He Zhenbao, Zhang Mu, Rage Mata: Process for preparing quartz optical fibre core. Changfei Optical Fibre And Optical Cable, tang zhengyu, February 12, 2003: CN02138758

A process for preparing core rod of quartz optical fibre by low-temp. plasma chemical vapour deposition method incldues such steps as deposition, rod forming, increasing diameter, and stretching. The said core rod can be drawn to obtain the single-mode optical fibre with length of over 800 km.