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Muteins of IL-2 in which one of the amino acids of the mature native sequence of IL-2 is replaced by a cysteine residue are prepared and conjugated through the replaced cysteine residue to a polymer selected from polyethylene glycol homopolymers or polyoxyethylated polyols, wherein said homopolymers ...

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The present invention is a process for preparing an activated ester of polyethylene glycol or a polyoxyethylated polyol. After the activated ester is prepared, it can be reacted with a protein to form a polymer/protein conjugate. Conjugation with a polymer can reduce the protein's immunogenicity, in ...

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Murine monoclonal antibodies, or fragments thereof, that bind selectively to human breast cancer cells, are IgGs or IgMs, and when conjugated to ricin A chain, exhibit a TCID 50% against at least one of MCF-7, CAMA-1, SKBR-3, or BT-20 cells of less than about 10 nM. Methods for diagnosing, monitorin ...

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Methods for enhancing the immune response to vaccination in animals, including humans, comprise administering interleukin-2 (IL-2) as part of the vaccination regimen, preferably for 5 to 14 days post-vaccination. In addition, compositions for enhancing the immune response of an animal to a vaccine e ...

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Murine monoclonal antibodies are prepared and characterized which bind selectively to high molecular weight mucins by immunoprecipitation test and are IgGs or IgMs. Immunotoxins comprising the monoclonal antibody and cytotoxic moiety were produced.

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The present invention relates to a method of generating antibodies directed against cell surface antigens. The method uses as immunogen recombinant insect cells into which have been transfected coding regions for a molecule containing a cell surface antigen. Host animals are immunized with these tra ...

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A virion expression system for a desired protein packaged in an envelope derived from a retrovirus useful in administering proteins which cross cell membranes in order to serve their function. Preferred virions are those that carry an RNA sequence that encodes cytokines or lymphokines, and includes ...

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This invention provides a class of interleukin-6 (IL-6) muteins which act as IL-6 receptor antagonists, thereby inhibiting the normal function of naturally-occurring IL-6. These IL-6 receptor antagonists are preferably IL-6 molecules containing one or more mutations in the Site II region comprising ...

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Compositions useful for detecting ras gene proteins are described consisting of GTP and a protein having an apparent reduced molecular weight of about 115,000-120,000 daltons, or fragments derived therefrom, that stimulate ras protein guanosine triphosphatase activity. Also described are methods whe ...

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Damage to cells, tissue and other body parts in a mammalian host may be treated by using a lymphokine or cytotoxin in conjunction with at least one biological modifier, which may be a free radical scavenger or a metabolic inhibitor. The biological modifier is preferably uric acid, buthionine sulphox ...