Runways for airports. Cesare Pallavicino, October 7, 1959: GB821549-A (1 worldwide citation)

821,549. Aircraft runways. PALLAVICINO, C. Feb. 27. 1956 [Feb. 26, 1955], No. 5973/56. Class 107 Aircraft runways are constructed of metal elements 4 having depending side flanges some being hooked (41, 44). They are arranged tile fashion or to break joint and are preferably pressed into the ground ...

System for speeding up the take-off of aircraft on runways. Cesare Pallavicino, December 23, 1959: GB825941-A

825,941. Launching aircraft. PALLAVICINO, C. Feb. 27, 1956 [Feb. 26, 1955], No. 5974/56. Class 4. In apparatus for launching aircraft ir order to shorten the land runway by releasably connecting aircraft by a hook to a cable winding on and off motorised drums to impart traction to the cable for laun ...

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