Lisa B Shih, Frederick J Primus, Milton D Goldenberg: Tumoricidal methotrexate-antibody conjugate. Center for Molecular Medicine & Immunology, Bernhard D Saxe, October 13, 1987: US04699784 (244 worldwide citation)

A conjugate of methotrexate to an antibody is prepared by loading methotrexate onto an aminodextran, then specifically conjugating the polymer carrier to the carbohydrate portion of an antitumor antibody, using a reduced Schiff base linkage. The conjugate is useful for tumor targeted therapy.

Alice P Taylor, David M Goldenberg, Chien Hsing Chang: Inhibition of placenta growth factor (PlGF) mediated metastasis and/or angiogenesis. Center for Molecular Medicine & Immunology, Immunomedics, Richard A Nakashima, April 26, 2011: US07932212 (2 worldwide citation)

The present invention concerns methods and compositions for inhibiting angiogenesis and/or tumor growth, survival and/or metastasis. In particular embodiments, the methods and compositions may concern ligands against placenta growth factor (PlGF), such as BP-1, BP-2, BP-3 or BP-4. Some methods may c ...