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Brassiere tapes having a body portion and a pair of overlapping tabs extending outwardly therefrom are manufactured by providing a continuous strip of the tape material having elements spaced there along and layers at least in the body portion-forming part thereof. The material is weldable with ultr ...

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A device using longitudinal ultrasonic vibrations for rotating a shaft at relatively low rotational speeds is particularly useful for rotating a brush-type tooth polisher on an insert for an ultrasonic dental prophylaxis unit. The device has a sleeve which supports the rotatable shaft and a vibrator ...

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An improved coaxial ophthalmoscope incorporating a light trap for absorbing substantially all of the light not utilized for illuminating the retina of the eye under examination and thereby preventing the unused light from reflecting back into the eye of the viewer thus obscuring the vision thereof.

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Disclosed herein is an improved tray for use in producing a denture either in-situ or by use of a model of the patient's mouth. The tray comprises a basic tray of disposable material approximating the shape of either the palate or the lower gums and having inner and outer wall portions integral ther ...

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A nebulizer for the generation of an aerosol having three major components mounted within a housing for containing a liquid and directing the resultant aerosol. The three components are designed for ease in assembly and disassembly for cleaning. The gas and liquid are uniformly mixed prior to deposi ...

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Eddy current devices are used to measure the amplitude and/or direction of various components of a vibrating body as a result of an acoustic signal applied thereto. These devices are also used to measure the power transmitted by said acoustic signal to a load which is coupled to the vibrating body.

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An optical gas analyzer is disclosed utilizing the infrared absorption principle having a sample chamber and reference chamber with infrared source and detector assembly spaced at opposite ends of and in alignment with the chambers with baffle means provided in cooperating relation with the infrared ...

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Apparatus is disclosed for aspiration of the operative site during open site surgery having automatic controls for responsively venting the aspiration system to atmosphere under certain conditions and for overriding the venting as desired comprising a continuously operating pump for providing suctio ...

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A feedback coil is placed in surrounding relation to a magnetostrictive member which is vibrating under the influence of a drive coil being energized by a power amplifier. Ideally, the voltage induced in the feedback coil should be proportional only to the vibrational amplitude of the magnetostricti ...

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A novel electro-optical switch is shown comprising a fixedly mounted lamp, a solid state photo-responsive transistor mounted in position to receive light from the lamp for responsively switching from one state to a second state and actuation means intermediate the transistor and the lamp for obstruc ...